COVID-19 Safety Plan

SNAPSHOT - Acura West COVID-19 Safety Plan



Business Name:         ACURA WEST               Date Completed:      May 23rd, 2020          Revision Date:       December 22nd, 2020


Measures We're Taking


How We’re Ensuring Workers Know How To Keep Themselves Safe From Exposure To COVID-19

  • Posting notices in common areas. Mask wearing, hand washing, sanitizing and distancing measures have all been captured on notices that have been affixed to all outside entry points, and throughout the dealership.
  • Blanket emails to staff through our Human Resources portal (Dealer Pilot), updating them on any new developments/initiatives from the various Ministries of Health.
  • Dept Managers consistently communicating to their staff the various health and safety precautions mandated for our industry.


How We’re Screening For COVID-19

  • As per the Govt mandate of September 26th, 2020, all employees must be actively screened before entering the workplace. This is done through our H R website or with manual written screening by each individual. Any symptomatic workers are mandated to call in to their respective Managers with a phone assessment, before entering the workplace. They will then receive further instructions on how to proceed as per the local Health official guidelines.
  • Screening for outside essential services are done at all entry points with essential services filling out a screening application before being allowed entry.


How We’re Controlling The Risk Of Transmission In Our Workplace

 Physical Distancing and Separation – Cleaning
  • Physical distancing is preached throughout the dealership, both with fellow workers as well as customers. Spacing is provided in waiting areas for customers and at various points throughout the dealership.
  • Plexiglass separation has been implemented at customer interaction points such as reception area and service reception and cash out areas.
  • Our dedicated cleaning company ensures that touchpoint surfaces throughout the dealership are addressed with cleaning agents specifically geared towards eliminating 99% of viruses. This is done on a daily basis, after hours.
  • Sanitization stands, masks and gloves are all available at all entry points to the dealership as well as sanitizer bottles distributed throughout the dealership (offices, waiting areas, reception and showroom).
  • Intensive sanitizing wipe downs on all vehicles, both service and sales, pre and post, are part of the daily regimen for COVID protection.
  • Signage for mandatory mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing are prevalent throughout the dealership.


What We Will Do If There Is A Potential Case, or Suspected Exposure To, COVID-19 At Our Workplace

  • Exclude symptomatic people from the workplace. Contact number for Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) is displayed should symptoms be present. Symptomatic people should then follow the Public Health Guidelines for isolating and COVID testing.
  • Any workers exhibiting signs of COVID while in the workplace will be sent home immediately to self isolate and follow public health direction.


How We’re Managing Any New Risks Caused By The Changes Made To The Way We Operate Our Business

  • A regular communication agenda is established for Management to monitor any changes with the staff work practices due to COVID.


How We’re Making Sure Our Plan Is Working

  • The General Manager (GM) will monitor the working precautions that have been put in place for efficacy, in conjunction with Dept heads and Health and Safety committee members. This will be done on a regular basis commensurate with the COVID level designated.