Available Demos

The following vehicles are available for purchase, finance or lease and are applicable for all monthly programs.

Demo pricing is available based on kilometers which changes daily, so please complete the form or call and ask for sales for more information!!

Year Make Model Colour
 2018Honda Odyssey TouringWhite
 2019Acura TLX Tech A-SpecBlack 
 2019Acura TLX Elite A-SpecBlack 
 2019Acura TLX Tech Grey 
 2019Acura RDX Elite Red 
 2019Acura RDX Elite Black 
 2019Acura MDX Elite Grey 
 2019Acura ILX Premium A-Spec White 
 2019Acura TLX 2WD Tech White 
 2019Acura TLX Elite Silver 
 2019Acura RDX Platinum Elite Black 
 2019Acura MDX Elite White 
 2019Acura RDX Elite Black 
 2019Acura TLX Elite A-Spec Black 
  Last updated April 20th, 2019